My 2010 Recap

2010 has been AMAZING!!! Here is a recap of the whirlwind ride…

Photographed my first TWO magazine covers!

Shot over 30 weddings…..I love this one because “6″ of my brides were all together :)

Met some super nice Celebrities….

My little boy started Kindergarten and my girl 4th grade…

In no particular order some of my favorite photos of 2010

My New Year’s Resolution I will continue from last year!

I will NOT sweat the small stuff
I will do more fun things with my children
I will take better care of my body
I will be a better wife
I will be a better friend
I will be a better mom
I will be a better person
I will worry less about how my house looks and more about how the people inside it feel
I will have more parties
I will give more of my time to charities
I will surround myself with positive people
I will remember my mother’s wise words “if it is worth doing it worth doing with EVERYTHING you have”
I will remember to be honest and thankful
I will continue to take pictures from my HEART & SOUL
I will remember every day that tomorrow is not promised to me and we only have TODAY

I wish love and positive thoughts for you ALL and Happy NEW YEAR!

Playboy Celebrity Golf Party & Tournament Super Bowl 2010

I was very excited to photograph this event in Miami and be a part of the Super Bowl festivities.  It was crazy how many people they got in such a little space but man was it fun!  I think Jen and I only slept 3 hours in the two days but it was totally worth it!  Due to the nature and privacy of the photos I can only show a few but I hope to show more soon…..

playboyThe party was at the Sagamore in Miami Beach which was just an awesome hotel!

patrick-warburtonPatrick Warburton “Putty” from Seinfield….he was my favorite of the day for sure what a riot!

michael-irvin-jim-mcmahonMichael Irvin and Jim McMahon I didn’t understand why they all wore sunglasses?? I guess their future is bright :)

fred-williamsonActor/Football Player Fred Williamson

david-pollackDavid Pollack – ESPN

brian-grieseBrian Griese – Quarterback

brady-quinnBrady Quinn-Quarterback for the Cleveland Browns he was really nice but HATED to have his picture taken so I tried to just make him laugh.

bernard-berrianBernard Berrian – Wide Receiver for the Minnesota Vikings

eric-dickersonEric Dickerson – Hall of Fame NFL

sidney-riceSidney Rice – Wide Receiver for the Vikings LOVED him he was super nice and very humble!

dennis-phillipsDennis Phillips – an amateur poker player who in 2008 at the World Series of Poker won almost 5 million dollars taking 3rd place.  Ok so I am a poker geek…you caught me!

bunniesThat is alot of bunnies…..

Here are some snapshots taken with the trusty iPhone of me taken by me or the lovely Jen!miami-collageI told Warrick Dunn go GATORS…hahahahaha FUN FUN FUN!  Thank you again to Jen Soltren for coming to Miami with me and being awesome!