Part II The Wedding Day | Paris France Wedding Chateau de Canaples

Jordan always imagined her wedding in France with her Father (who is a musician) playing the piano as she walked down the isle to marry her prince charming.  Well she got her dream!  The sounds of the pre recorded wedding march of her father playing the piano filled the east side of Chateau de Canaples as Mr. Rieth walked his only daughter across the grand lawn to marry her Prince Mr. Andrew McGregor.  Jordan held the bouquet we had picked up in a flower shop in Amiens the day before with a pin inside from both her grandmothers.  She wore Christian Louboutin high heels that her groom got signed from Christian himself as a present just a few months before.  It was an emotional day and everyone cried including the pastor as he read their vows and got choked up talking about the lovely children the two of them would have together.

After the ceremony there was the first dance and father/mother dances followed by a champagne toast and the cutting of the Croquembouche (french wedding cake).  After all the goodbyes to the family we spent the rest of the day in Paris in full wedding attire as Jacob (brother of the bride) drove us all over Paris for photos at most of the cities monuments and special locations.

(the Louvre)

(the Louvre)

(the I love you wall says I love you in every language)

(the Sabrina Bridge)

(literally thousands of locks on the bridge some Parisian tradition)


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Part I Rehersal Dinner & A walk in Paris at Night | Paris Wedding

The rehearsal dinner was arranged by the groom’s Mom and Day Mr. and Mrs McGregor and took place on a ship called Bateaux Mouches where I had the best four course dinner I have ever eaten including three different types of desserts! The cruise went by a lot of monuments here are my favs from the dinner….

The Thank-You gifts for the dinner attendees was a box of macaroons from the world famous Laudree Bakery.  You should check out there website it is AWESOME!


After the rehearsal dinner we had some time to walk around Paris at night…


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Paris France Destination Wedding Trip | My experience

I arrived at the Chateau to find a personalized door hanger on my room door and a welcome basket made just for me with a card.  To say that I got the royal treatment while staying at Chateau de Canaples is an understatement and I LOVED all the time I got to spend with Jordan and Andy before and after the wedding.

Things I LOVE about France….

1.) Diet Coke is called Coca~Cola Light and it is a little bit yummier than Diet Coke.
2.) At the grocery store they have an entire isle of cheese!  They are serious about their cheese.
3.) The streets of Paris smells like fresh baked bread ALL the time.
4.) A baguette filled with Fromage (a type of cheese) is my new favorite food.
5.) I LOVE that in the middle of Notre Dame Cathedral filled with about a thousand people it was so quite you could hear a pin drop.
6.) I love how amazing the Eiffel Tower looks at night.
7.) Lunch is at least 2 hours and usually includes wine.
8.) I love that they called me “Madam”.

Here are a few of my favorite pics.

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