The Amazing Miss Lauren

Not only is she beautiful on the outside she is even more beautiful on the inside! She inspires me!  She inspires me to be a better person, friend and Christian.  I feel like these pictures really show the real her.  She is sexy, sweet, innocent, daring and unafraid to show people her heart.  I am very very lucky to call her my friend…

Matt Hughes :: 9-time World Welterweight Champion of the UFC

Had another chance to shoot Matt Hughes for Cage Fitness last week.  He has fought two times (which he won) and gained an awesome new scar since the last time I saw him.

matt-hughes-celebrity-photographerCan you imagine this fist coming at you???

matt-hughes-celebrityI wonder if he works out?  Hahahahah



Probably my favorite picture of him.  It is straight out of the camera only a B&W conversion.  You can really see the brand new lovely scar on his face.

Check out Cage Fitness all the photos on the site are mine and if you are looking for a new fitness routine this one is AMAZING!