Country Elegance :: Cypress Grove Estate House Orlando Florida

Allllll the way from DC Tess and Jared were married at the lovely Cypress Grove Estate House.  Country Elegance themed which meant AMAZING sweet tea, cupcakes, a blue grass band, light pink decor and a home made cookie bar with milk…..yeah I was in heaven!

All the stunning bridesmaids!

And they live happily ever after….

Joyce & Peter : Wedding

Joyce and Peter got married at their home which is a beautiful 20 acre horse ranch in Saint Cloud, FL. The weather was so wonderful and perfect for the outdoor ceremony which took place at sunset. The reception was outdoor as well and started as they let doves go into the fading sunset light. For those of you who know me I don’t drink at all (I am a light weight) but their signature drink was raspberry wine which Joyce had me try and geez was it wonderful…it is ok I only live 5 minutes away :) Thank you both so much for having me at your very special wedding and I wish you both a long and happy life together……Smiles :) Tab
The Ceremony
Wedding Doves
Sun Flare Fun