Destination Wedding in Paris France | Chateau de Canaples

Bare with me I am blogging for the first time on my iPhone in France. I arrived Monday late afternoon to the Chateau de Canaples for the wedding of Jordan and Andy.


The rehearsal was yesterday (Tuesday) and the rehearsal dinner was an amazing cruise through the city of Paris. Tomorrow they will be man and wife and until then I am running through Paris seeing anything I can ;-)

Here are some iPhone pics I have taken so far of Notre Dame Cathedral, Eiffel tower and Amiens cathedral.




My 2010 Recap

2010 has been AMAZING!!! Here is a recap of the whirlwind ride…

Photographed my first TWO magazine covers!

Shot over 30 weddings…..I love this one because “6″ of my brides were all together :)

Met some super nice Celebrities….

My little boy started Kindergarten and my girl 4th grade…

In no particular order some of my favorite photos of 2010

My New Year’s Resolution I will continue from last year!

I will NOT sweat the small stuff
I will do more fun things with my children
I will take better care of my body
I will be a better wife
I will be a better friend
I will be a better mom
I will be a better person
I will worry less about how my house looks and more about how the people inside it feel
I will have more parties
I will give more of my time to charities
I will surround myself with positive people
I will remember my mother’s wise words “if it is worth doing it worth doing with EVERYTHING you have”
I will remember to be honest and thankful
I will continue to take pictures from my HEART & SOUL
I will remember every day that tomorrow is not promised to me and we only have TODAY

I wish love and positive thoughts for you ALL and Happy NEW YEAR!

Matt Hughes :: 9-time World Welterweight Champion of the UFC

Had another chance to shoot Matt Hughes for Cage Fitness last week.  He has fought two times (which he won) and gained an awesome new scar since the last time I saw him.

matt-hughes-celebrity-photographerCan you imagine this fist coming at you???

matt-hughes-celebrityI wonder if he works out?  Hahahahah



Probably my favorite picture of him.  It is straight out of the camera only a B&W conversion.  You can really see the brand new lovely scar on his face.

Check out Cage Fitness all the photos on the site are mine and if you are looking for a new fitness routine this one is AMAZING!

Orlando Celebrity Charity Event

Thanks to my SUPER cool bride Ashley for inviting me to this event and my nephew who let me use his point and shoot camera.  We had so much fun, met amazing people and partied like rock stars…. :)

celeb-party-10Me and Chris Kirkpatrick from N’ Sync….he was fun and really nice!

celeb-party-7Orlando Magic Center Adonal Foyle just a super nice amazing guy

celeb-party-16Wanya Morris from Boyz II Men

celeb-party-19Me and JJ Redick shooting guard for the Orlando Magic

celeb-party-12aAll of us with Joey Fatone