Megan + Voyce Romantic Sexy Winter Park Engagement

I met this awesome couples only a few weeks ago but we meshed well immediately and they were up for anything for their session which you know I like!  Super excited for their wedding and here are a few of my favs from our fun walk down Park Ave.


8 thoughts on “Megan + Voyce Romantic Sexy Winter Park Engagement

  1. She’s incredibly beautiful. I love the fact that these are definitely a hot couple, but the photos are classy and beautiful and not at all cheap. Great job!

  2. Whoa. These are very sultry. I will say, that my favorite one is the one on the train tracks. They both look GREAT, though, in the last few. :) :) :) !

  3. Wow she’s stunning, beautiful portraits of a great looking couple. Love the black and white of them staring at each other in the water!

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