It is my wedding anniversary!

It was a cold and rainy day in February at the Howard Johnson Plaza  Hotel on McCoy Road in Orlando.  The Howard Johnson Plaza was my Mom’s hotel or I should say to me it was her hotel since I don’t have a memory as a child growing up that didn’t include her working there.  I remember when I was sick growing up she would put me in a room next to her office and let me order room service and watch TV all day which was a treat because I didn’t get to watch TV much growing up.  My first job was there when I was 13 folding towels in the laundry room with the housekeeping staff (yeah child labor laws were a little different then) .  I was the baby and they all always looked out for me even though I was the bosses daughter.  Today though on the 12th of February no one was working.  They were all sitting in the isles watching me walk down the carefully made runner to marry the man of my dreams.  We were broke as a joke being just kids at the time so our present from all the employees I had grown up with was their services.  Food, flowers,music,  rooms for guests, hair and makeup and Mom made the cake.  For a free wedding it sure was beautiful and as Clayton’s father walked me down the isle to marry his son I was glad I was at my Mom’s hotel.  Clayton said when I got half way down the isle he could see my heart pounding in my chest.  I don’t remember being nervous but I do remember thinking dear Lord please don’t let this man come to his senses and run away.  I met Clayton in child care class in the 10th grade and as someone who proclaimed I would NEVER get married I sure changed my mind quickly!  I could not wait to marry this man and after 17 years I can honestly say I would not change a damn thing.

Babies got her blue shoes on….

An amazing wedding at the Grand Bohemian last weekend put together perfectly by Weddings in The City.  This couple came all the way from New York to PARTY and man do they really know how to party!  More from this wedding coming soon and as you can see I feel in love with her shoes. :)

Probably my favorite image of the whole day!  This is the first time he saw her and he busted out in tears it was so AMAZING!