My trip to Jamaica

So it is official I am an international wedding photographer!!  I am going to try to put the experience into words but honestly it is days like these that I wish I was a better writer.  You know how you hear people say “it was a life changing experience” and you think ummmm yeah right your a wackadoo.  Well not to sound cliche but I had a  “life changing experience”.   At first it seemed the “no problem mon” and “every ting is iry mon” was just something the natives say to us tourists, but at a further look you realize it is not just a saying it is a way of life.  They have a carefree no one really wears a watch or is in a hurry lifestyle.  They are passionate about love, sleeping, dancing and rum not money or power.  When women found out it was my birthday they would HUG me….do you hear what I am saying??? Grab me…put their arms all the way around me and HUG ME!

Here are some things I learned about Jamaica:
1) They drive on the left side of the road which felt really weird.
2) The national fruit is Ackee and it looks like scrambled eggs when cooked.
3) 2nd behind tourism the countries biggest contributory to the economy is a company called Bauxite which mines the soil and produces aluminum.
4) Cauliflower in cashew nut sauce is the BOMB!
5) If you stay on a piece of land for 5 years without someone claiming it then it becomes yours.  They call it capturing it and 30% of the whole island is own by capturing.
6) There are goats everywhere! Side of the road in yards everywhere.  I did not see one dog but I saw a million goats.
7) Fire coral is serious shit and I do not recommend putting a piece in your bathing suit.  Trust me I speak from experience!
8 ) Gave my taxi driver 2,000 Jamaican dollars which is about $23.00 US dollars.
9) A bacon, egg and cheese croissant at a Burger King in Jamaica tastes the exact same as one in US.
10) Pay the extra money to upgrade to ocean view it is worth every penny I was literally rocked to sleep every night to the sound of waves crashing.

Here are some pictures from the trip and a little video.  I learned so much in just a few days including that I need to slow down sometimes and enjoy my family more.  I know I will never be a person who doesn’t wear a watch but finding some balance I know is really important and I will find it!

Me on the balcony at the Hotel

Me and Molly on the beach with our clients

Pictures from the awesome wedding coming very soon and here is a sneak peek.

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