I don’t wanna COOK….

I wanted to Thank You all so much!  I got over 30 recipes from facebook and blog comments and it was really hard picking the 5 for me to cook this week.  Drum roll please…..

And the five choice ARE…..
Evelyn’s Mini Meatloafs
Justine’s Cheese Steak Subs
Vedika’s Chicken Fajitas
Sistak’s Hambuger Roll
Meghan’s Mexican Crock Pot Chicken

and the winner of the $50 was randomly picked by my 5 year old is Meghan’s Mexican Crock Pot recipe.

First up tonight was last night’s dinner Justine’s Cheese Steak Subs and here is the recipe: Buy 1.5lbs of Boars Head roast beef from publix deli, chop up roast beef add chopped up onion and mushrooms, saute in pan with olive oil.  Put hot beef on a roll of your choice and add provolone cheese to the top and let melt.
photo4It was so super easy and it was really good both the kids said to put it on the every week list!

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