My New Year Resolution!

I will NOT sweat the small stuff
I will do more fun things with my children
I will take better care of my body
I will be a better wife
I will be a better friend
I will be a better mom
I will be a better person
I will worry less about how my house looks and more about how the people inside it feel
I will have more parties
I will surround myself with positive people
I will yell less and smile more
I will remember my mother’s wise words “if it is worth doing is worth doing ALL THE WAY”
I will remember to be honest and thankful
I will continue to take pictures from my HEART
I will remember every day that tomorrow is not promised to me and we only have TODAY

I wish love and positive thoughts for you ALL!

My kids….

Every day they get bigger and bigger and I think tomorrow I am just going to sit still and watch them for hours and soak them up….I swear
I was just in the hospital having them both and now they are amazing little people all on their own!
I am so thankful for them and I can’t believe  how lucky I am to have them as my children.