My girl can ski !!

It was so beautiful on the lake and Grayce got up on the first try….she was a little nervous :)


Uncle Ryan helping her with the jacket


There she goes….


Joeseph was a little bit worried about his sissy.


Water Lilly?? I don’t know what they are called but they were everywhere and so pretty. Hope you are all having an awesome weekend….Smiles, Tab :)

Chrissy & Ken :: Sneak Wedding Peak

Ok it is 1:40am and I just finished downloaded all of Chrissy & Ken’s wedding pictures from today.  I HAVE to post something from this fabulous wedding tonight because I have engagement sessions and wedding appointments tomorrow and I just can’t wait till Monday.  Chrissy & Ken your wedding was an absolute blast and I can’t wait to post more from your special day…….Smiles :) Tab


Flowers by Lee Forrest


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I look forward to many more adventures here and I hope you like the new one as much as I do Smiles, Tab  :)